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Posting Rules (What not allowed)

  1. Listing items that are illegal to buy, own, import or sell in the country of your residence.
  2. Listing your business not being located in India
  3. Listing Ad in other language than English
  4. Listing incomplete Ad
  5. Listing Ad which is discriminatory as per caste/religion/nationality.
  6. Listing multiple Ads with different accounts/mail Id
  7. Listing any type of Adult content/Ad
  8. Listing Ad regarding any political view that may offend
  9. Listing Ad containing any kind of misleading information.
  10. Listing Ad with hateful information or remarks

Help & Support


1. How do I post an Ad?

Ans. Click on the Post Ad button
        Select the type of category
        Enter the details like Title, Description and all other details
        Enter your email address, phone number
        click on Post Ad option
        If you want to run paid ads to get good ranking and posting, you can refer our paid plans and choose from there
        Check your email for confirmation of Ad approval

2. What are the safety rules for me?

Ans. Tips for staying safe
    1. Before buying or selling, make sure you meet the person face to face and do enough inspection regarding the seller or buyer
    2. Never send the product before getting the money
    3. Never send money online
    4. Address Guru Singapore does not offer any Customer/seller protection
    5. Take full care of delicate products
    6. Never provide personal or banking information to anybody
    7. Be aware of common fraud or scam activities
    8. Report us if you face any kind of fraudulent activity